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My sons adore these donuts. I love how they make the whole house smell like a bakery! And don't think you can east just ONE. :)

Easy Baked Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts

My sons adore these baked donuts with cinnamon and sugar. I love how easy they are, and how they make the whole house smell like a bakery. Don’t think you can east just ONE!...
If you're not familiar with Russian Tea Cakes, don't be misled by the title. You will love how these little puffs of sweetness are a delightful little cookie, rolled in powdered sugar and perfect for your Christmas dessert table. They're also so easy to make, that even the smallest helpers can take part! 

Mom’s Russian Tea Cakes

The first thing my mom let me make as a kid were these Russian Tea Cakes. I remember standing on a chair at the counter beside her when I was four or five years...
Frighteningly Fun Halloween Treats

Frightfully Fun Halloween Treats!

Half the fun of Halloween is fixing up fun and festive treats with your kids. Some of my favorite recipes can be turned into spooky snacks with just a little creativity!