Hi There – I’m Chef Alli

Think of me as your next door neighbor, ready to share a good, home-cooked meal with you over a glass of wine. As a Mom and farm wife from NE Kansas, I know the importance of managing a career, a household, and a family….all while keeping them well-fed. I’m excited to help you conquer dinner time...

Let's Get You Cookin'!
A delicious piece of Berry Good Refrigerator Cake with berry topping on a plate.

Desserts, Kid-Friendly

Berry Good No-Bake Cake

Berry Good No-Bake Cake Please tell me who doesn’t love a fresh berry cake. I love all cake that’s got fruit on top, and especially one that doesn’t even require any baking! This Berry...

Italian Stuffed Shell Pasta is so easy and delicious.

Kid-Friendly, Main Dishes

Italian Sausage and Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells with Creamy Marinara

Well, here’s your brand new crowd pleaser.  When you set a pan full of this delicious, cheesy pasta into the center of the dinner table for your family or guests, you will see their...

How to cook frozen meat in an Instant Pot....Really!

Conquer Your Instant Pot

How to Cook Frozen Meat in an Instant Pot…..Really!

If you’re not already in love with your Instant Pot, there’s something you need to know that may just help: cooking meat……from rock-solid frozen! So is it SAFE to cook frozen meat in an Instant...

Instant Pot Questions and Answers

Conquer Your Instant Pot

Your Top Instant Pot Questions….Answered!

Are you preparing to utilize an Instant Pot? Or maybe just thinking about it, perhaps? Are you wondering if an Instant Pot is as life-changing as everyone says it is? Start here to find...

A trio of strawberry creme filled crepes with fresh berries.

Main Dishes, Recipes

How to Make Strawberry-Creme Crepes with Fresh Summer Berries

Crepes are thin, tender French-style pancakes, perfect for folding around a sweet or savory filling of your choice. All you need is the batter, a nicely hot skillet, and a good rubber spatula. Please...

Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Sweet Potatoes make an easy quick meal.

Main Dishes, Recipes

Loaded BBQ Pulled-Pork Sweet Potatoes

Here’s a great way to use up leftover pulled pork! Make Loaded BBQ Pulled-Pork Sweet Potatoes.

Twisted Mexican Hot Tots layered into a skillet with queso.

Appetizers, Recipes

Twisted Mexican Hot Tots

A Mexican-inspired appetizer made with seasoned, crunchy tater tots, layered with chili con queso cheese dip and chipotle sour cream in a cast iron skillet. Pure heaven! Please Note: We do use referral and...

Please tell me you're in the mood for a seriously yummy shredded beef sub sandwich! Then tell me you've either got an Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker) or a slow cooker and I'll be over the moon!

Conquer Your Instant Pot, Main Dishes

Instant Pot Lazy-Butt Beef Subs with Caramelized Onions and BBQ Mayo

Please tell me you’re in the mood for an easy Instant Pot Italian beef sub. Lazy-Butt Beef Subs with Caramelized Onions and BBQ Mayo are seriously delicious and so easy to make. The Classic...

A scoop of Fiesta Beef and Spaghetti.

Main Dishes, Recipes

Instant Pot Fiesta Beef and Spaghetti

Instant Pot Fiesta Beef and and Spaghetti – Ready in Just 3 Minutes. Creating south of the border flavor at home is easy when you serve up this speedy Instant Pot Fiesta Beef and...

skillet full of a ground beef and noodle casserole

Main Dishes, Recipes

Fiesta Ground Beef and Noodle Skillet

Fiesta Ground Beef and Noodle Skillet Creating a fiesta of flavor at home is easy when you serve up this yummy Mexican beef pasta skillet. Ground beef and spaghetti noodles come together in the zesty dish...