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Chef Alli stirring potConquer Your Instant Pot with Chef Alli

If you’re new to Instant Pot cooking, or ready to up your game, you’ve come to the right place! I’m an Electric Pressure Cooking convert myself. I never believed that one little appliance could revolutionize the way I do dinner, but I was wrong! And now I’m eager to help home cooks all over the world master this magical machine. Click around below or browse the website for recipes, helpful Instant Pot Cooking Tips, free printables, and everything you need to succeed.


Instant Pot Guide for Beginners

If you received an Instant Pot from Santa (or any electric pressure cooker, for that matter), or recently made the big purchase yourself, you may be wondering how to best get started off on your pressure cooking journey. That’s why I’m here! Below are my top Instant Pot beginner tips to get you over the hump and feeling much more confident in using the small appliance work-horse that is forever going to change how you do dinner.

The First 4 Instant Pot Recipes You Should Make... In Order!

The first 4 Instant Pot Recipes you need to make! Understand your appliance, build confidence, become an Instant Pot Master!If you’re new to electric pressure cooking, don’t worry! I’ve got the first 4 recipes that you should make in your Instant Pot, IN ORDER, to help you get familiar with your machine, take those first baby steps towards success, and build confidence to be an Electric Pressure Cookin’ Superstar!

7 Reasons You Need an Instant Pot

Instant Pot Pulled PorkJust think of it…..frozen-solid chicken breasts ready in minutes, tender beef and pork roasts cooked in less than an hour, perfect long grain rice start-to-finish in just 10 minutes. And how about a pinto bean side-dish that’s ready in just 25 minutes….no soaking involved? Let’s face it: you need an electric pressure cooker!

6 Instant Pot Troubleshooting Tips

Instant Pot Pressurization TipsWhat happens when your family is starving, demanding dinner, and for some reason, your Instant Pot won’t pressurize!? Below, I’m sharing the top 6 reasons why your Instant Pot won’t pressurize. I’ve experienced all of these at one time or another, and you likely will too at some point. So before you toss your Instant Pot out in frustration, consider which reason is likely your culprit and you’ll be ready.