10 Clever Uses for Kitchen Shears 

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears

Are you utilizing your kitchen shears? I love mine! They make small jobs quick and easy. Plus, they are also a great prep tool for kids and can be the first step towards working with knives at a later point. Don’t overlook this humble kitchen tool that can tedious little tasks so much more pleasant. 

Here are 10 clever uses that I’ve discovered:

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears1. Cutting pizza and quesadillas into wedges.

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears2. Chopping whole tomatoes right in the can.

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears3. Sectioning a bundle of grapes into small clusters.


10 Uses for Kitchen Shears4. Cutting up a raw chicken, especially when removing the backbone.


10 Uses for Kitchen Shears5. Chopping a bundle of scallions. (FYI – start cutting at the green ends, so the root ends can hold each scallion all together!)

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears6. Cutting shells from raw shrimp.

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears7. Chopping dried fruits.

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears8. Snipping and chopping fresh herbs.

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears9. Chopping raw bacon. (A personal favorite)

10 Uses for Kitchen Shears10. Trimming pie crust.

Also, when shopping for kitchen shears, choose a pair that are heavy-duty, come apart for washing, and feel good in your grip. And while you’re at it, you may as well grab TWO pair – they are just so handy!


Kitchen Shears would be useful for chopping the cilantro, the meat, and the triangles in this Chicken Quesadillas with Chipotle Sauce recipe!

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