How to Easily Repair Scratched Dishes and Bakeware

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How to repair scratched dishes and bakeware is much easier than you think… the solution is right in your pantry! #kitchenhacks #repairscratcheddishes #bakewarerepair

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How to Easily Repair Scratched Dishes and Scraped Bakeware

Over time, our dinnerware and baking dishes show up with scratches in the finish. Don’t despair….this is actually a GOOD thing, since it’s evidence we are cooking and eating well! You will be surprised at how amazingly SIMPLE It is to buff these items back to their original and beautiful luster, using one simple ingredient that’s right in your pantry: cream of tartar! (Who knew, right?!)

SUPER EASY way to repair scratched dishes and bakeware using Cream of Tartar. Follow these few easy steps!#kitchenhacksCream of Tartar: Not just for Cooking!

Most of us know cream of tartar as a stabilizing agent used when whipping eggs; some cooks use it when they work with sugar to keep crystals from forming. Or, maybe you’re like me and you actually keep it on hand specifically for making a family favorite – Snickerdoodles.

Regardless of the reason it’s currently in your pantry, you now have one more purpose for keeping it on hand: plain old cream of tartar is the magical solution to repairing scratched plates, bowls, and bakeware! The citric acid makes it a great cleaning agent that can restore your dishes and bakeware to new.

Here’s All You’ll Need:

* Cream of tartar

* Water

* Soft dish cloth, dampened with water

* Dish towel

Easy Steps to Repair Scratched Dishes and Bakeware

1. Place a small amount of cream of tartar into a small bowl; add just enough water to form a thick, creamy paste.

2. Make sure the plate or baking dish you working on is clean and dry.

3. Using your fingertips, apply the prepared paste to the scuff marks on the dish or plate.

4. Use the dampened dish cloth to work the paste in a circular motion over the scuffs and scratches on the baking dish or plate, gently rubbing mg until they disappear.

5. Lastly, rinse with warm water and buff dry with a soft dish towel.

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