Chef Alli’s Bio

Chef Alli Winter

Chef Alli smiling at camera holding spoon above pot

For nearly two decades, Chef Alli has been stirring up a love of cooking all across America. As a self-proclaimed Kitchen Crusader, Chef Alli has built a stellar reputation with her “Let’s Get Cookin’ ” concept that represents many things: a source of culinary expertise, recipes created to succeed, and encouragement from a trusted chef who makes every follower feel like a friend. Chef Alli believes that the more we are inspired, encouraged, and empowered in the kitchen, the better our families and lives will be.

Chef Alli’s loyal following has made her a sought-after spokesperson, speaker, and influencer, as well as a food communicator who is honored to share the story of Kansas agriculture and how our food is grown. Chef Alli makes weekly appearances on a televised newscast, as well as frequent live cooking broadcasts on social media.

Above all else, Chef Alli values her role as a “fancy farm wife” and mom. A farm girl at heart, she and her husband, Pat, live in rural NE Kansas along with their three (hungry!) sons where they raise cattle and enjoy all that country living has to offer…..such as muddy Kansas back roads, wide open spaces, and tons of fresh air……plus 4 horses, 5 dogs, and 6 fat barn cats.