Instant Pot Tools and Accessories that Will Change Your Life!

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If you love Instant Pot cooking, then you must know about these Instant Pot Tools and Accessories! They are next-level when it comes to conquering your Instant Pot/Electric Pressure Cooker. Now I can make so much more in the machine I love so much! #instantpot #instantpottools 

I’m an Instant Pot Convert, Through and Through!

You’ve heard me RAVE about my Instant Pot. It has literally been life-changing in my kitchen. If you don’t have one yet, I would argue that you NEED an Instant Pot or Electric Pressure Cooker NOW!

Once you get one, I have a whole collection of resources to help you master it. But where it really gets fun is when you begin to use other Instant Pot tools and accessories to maximize the presence of this multi-cooker in your kitchen. Now, none of these Instant Pot tools and accessories are necessary, but they sure are fun and helpful. Plus, they make Instant Pot cooking even more versatile than you ever dreamed!

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Chef Alli’s Favorite Instant Pot Tools and Accessories:

Silicone Trivet

A wire trivet is typically included with your Instant Pot at purchase and it’s sole purpose is primarily for the times you want to do pot-in-pot cooking (or pan-in-pot cooking) such as when you make a cake, egg casserole, or cheesecake, etc. The wire trivet works fine, but I just love the silicone trivets! (…. probably because of the colors that are available.) Plus, If your electric pressure cooker happens to come with a non-stick pot (like the Cuisinart), the silicone is much easier on the enamel finish.

Buy a Silicone Trivet Now!

Silicone Trivet and  Sling In One 

This tool doubles up! A trivet as well as a sling, this tool keeps things up off the bottom of the pot, and also lets you easily lift those hot items right out of your pot. To be honest, if I had seen this tool before I owned the basic silicone trivet (without handles) I’d have just gone this route. Love those handles!

Click Here to Buy a Silicone Sling/Trivet in One

Silicone Egg Trivet

I make TONS of hard-boiled eggs in my electric pressure cooker! As a matter of fact, there’s absolutely no better way (and I’ve tried them ALL!) to make hard-boiled eggs. I usually do a dozen at a time, but you can add as many to your pot as you’d like, as long as it’s not more than two-thirds full. This silicone egg trivet sits nicely in your pot to keep the eggs up off the bottom so steam can circulate. They also have a nice stackable egg steamer so you don’t have to worry about piling up your eggs anymore!

FYI – you can actually use any type of trivet in your IP for hard-boiling eggs….metal, silicone, whatever. Sometimes I’ve even used mason jar lid rings to keep my eggs up off the bottom of the pot – works great!

Buy a Silicone Egg Trivet

7″ Bundt Cake Pan

If you haven’t made a cake in your IP yet, you’re missing out on the most rich and decadent experience ever. Anytime you bake a cake in your pot, I’ve discovered it’s essential to use a pan that has a hole in the center (like a bundt pan does) – this ensures that the center of the cake gets fully cooked.

**A 6-quart electric pressure cooker accommodates a 6 cup bundt pan that is 7” across.

Buy a 7″ Bundt Cake Pan

Egg Bites Mold

I purchased an egg bites mold more out of curiosity than anything else, worried that egg bites might just be a bunch of hype. Not so!!! I now have TWO egg bites molds because we love those little suckers so much. And, if I use my metal trivet (which is thinner than my silicone trivet), I’ve learned I can stack both of my molds on top of it, into my pot and they cook at the same time.


Click Here to Buy Egg Bite Molds

7″ Springform Pan

Some people purchase an IP for the sole purpose of making CHEESECAKE. If that’s your gig, you’re gonna need a springform pan….or three. My friend, Mrs. Finson, makes heavenly cheesecakes in her Pot all the time and they are totally the bomb!! And don’t let the size fool you….a 6 cup springform pan doesn’t make a very big cheesecake, but because it’s so rich and dense, your guests will only need a thin slice.

**A 6-quart electric pressure cooker accommodates a 6 cup springform pan that is 7” across.

Buy a Springform Pan

Silicone Mini Mitts

Another accessory that I was skeptical about, and once again, I was proved wrong! I use these all the time for removing my pot and I love how flexible they are. Regular hot pads are too bulky when you’re trying to pull your pot up and out of the unit – the silicone mitts grip super well.

Buy Silicone Mini Mitts

Steamer Release Diverter

This simple little tool has the coolest function: it fits right over your steam vent and redirects the steam so it’s not blowing up and all over your kitchen (or into your arm). This is especially handy for directing steam away from your cabinets.

Buy a Cute Steam Diverter

Instant Pot Glass Lid

Serve this 5-Minute Instant Pot Italian Pasta at your next potluck!

When you’re using the slow-cooking function of the Instant Pot, it’s really nice to be able to what’s happening with your food inside your pot! Plus, if you’re taking your Instant Pot to a potluck or gathering, it’s nice for others to be able to see what’s in your pot (and not have to fiddle with unlocking the lid).

Buy a Glass Lid

Colored Instant Pot Sealing Rings (aka silicone gasket)

Because odors tens to cling to silicone sealing rings, it’s pretty nice to be able to use different colors for sweet or savory foods. This helps ensure you don’t wind up with a lovely Dulce De Leche Cheesecake that tastes like liver and onions!

Also, if you use your IP quite frequently like I do, you’ll see that the sealing ring gets worn, limp, and discolored pretty quickly over time. Because you want to make sure that the sealing ring has a nice tight fit inside your lid (so that your pot will also come up to Pressure), it’s a good idea to keep a back-up sealing ring on hand, especially since they are so inexpensive.

Buy Extra Sealing Rings

Stackable Steamer Insert Pans

These two-tier insert pans are made of stainless steel and allow you to cook different foods simultaneously. This is often referred to as “Pot-in-Pot” cooking and these insert pans are also great for when you are simply reheating foods in your IP, as well. I used these a lot following Thanksgiving Dinner, when I wanted reheat some of the leftovers of the big meal – it worked so slick! I also love it that these inserts can rest in the IP on warm until my farmers get in the house for supper after chores. Their food is warm, moist and ready when they are and I don’t have to do a thing to keep it that way.

Buy Stackable Steamer Insert Pans

Get All of These Instant Pot Tools and Accessories

If all of these Instant Pot Tools sound good, or if you’re looking for a great gift idea for an Instant Pot owner, Amazon has a wide selection of accessory bundles! One purchase and you’re on your way to cheesecakes, egg bites, bundt cakes, and so much more.

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