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Slice of prime rib resting on a platter beside the standing rib. This picture shows the medium-rare interior of the roast.

How to Cook Perfect Fool-Proof Prime Rib

This is the best recipe for Fool-Proof Prime Rib that you’ll ever find. As in…..You won’t ever make it any other way! Making prime rib is pretty scary and overwhelming until you get a...
Spicy Bacon Popcorn Crack | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

Spicy Bacon Popcorn Crack

I was gearing up for New Year’s Eve when I made this Spicy Bacon Popcorn Crack- so delicious, you can’t stop eating it! This could be your first dish in a selection of tasty...
Two apricot almond dessert bars stacked on on top of the other with a square of parchment paper in between, placed on a cooling rack.

Apricot Almond Bars

These Apricot Almond Bars are a favorite holiday treat that I’ve been making  for years now.  I love to include these little packages of heaven on my Christmas goodie trays for gift-giving each year. ...
Dream Fudge | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

Caramel Pecan Dream Fudge and Christmas Crack

Tis the Season of Giving! And nothing says Merry Christmas more than a tin full of homemade goodies. Whether it’s for the neighbors, your coworkers, or just that hard-to-buy-for friend, my recipes made with...

Mummy Poppers

These Mummy Poppers are easy Halloween snacks that are so fun to create when Halloween parties roll around.  Mummy Poppers are fun and cute Halloween food!
A sweet potato mixture stuffed with a marshmallow and baked in a cream sauce.

Baked Sweet Potato Balls with Crunchy Cornflakes

My family went totally bonkers over these Marshmallow-Surprise Baked Sweet Potato Balls with Crunchy Cornflakes for Thanksgiving Dinner! This casserole is super fun to make, not to mention easy! Now, is this casserole healthy?...
Cranberry Walnut Dressing | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

Cranberry Walnut Dressing

This year, try a flavorful, herb-filled Cranberry Walnut Cornbread Dressing on for SIDE!
Mashed Potatoes Supreme | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

Mashed Potatoes Supreme

Don’t be afraid to deviate a little bit from your traditional sides… you won’t regret it with these SUPREME mashed Potatoes! #potatoes #mashedpotatoes

Mile-High Meringue

This recipe came from my friend, Nan, who owns and operates Elsie Grace’s Gift Shoppe and Gourmet Mixes, in Frankfurt, Ks., also the home of Elsie Grace’s No Roll Pie Crust Mix – one...
12 Kitchen Organization Tips that will Improve Your Life!

Instant Pot Cider Turkey Breast

4-5 lb. turkey breast, rinsed well and patted dry 1/2 cup sage leaves, minced 1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened 3 tsp. kosher salt 1 tsp. black pepper 6 cloves garlic, minced 2 cups apple...