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If you're not familiar with Russian Tea Cakes, don't be misled by the title. You will love how these little puffs of sweetness are a delightful little cookie, rolled in powdered sugar and perfect for your Christmas dessert table. They're also so easy to make, that even the smallest helpers can take part! 

Mom’s Russian Tea Cakes

The first thing my mom let me make as a kid were these Russian Tea Cakes. I remember standing on a chair at the counter beside her when I was four or five years...
An easy sugar cookie recipe you can be successful with.

Christmas Sugar Cookies

The Only Sugar Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Want! Yep. It’s the world’s best sugar cookie recipe because you can work with the dough – there’s no frustration. Cut out cookies that hold their shape...
Baked Sweet Potato Crumble

Sweet Potato Crumble

Oh, Sweet Potato Crumble, how I adore thee.  This sweet potato casserole is a switch hitter – serve it as a side dish or serve it as a dessert…the choice is yours. Have sweet...

Instant Pot 8-Minute Creamy Smashed Potatoes

Don’t be alarmed by the ingredients in these Creamy Smashed Potatoes. You will be AMAZED at how creamy and full of flavor they are, while still providing you with traditional mashed potato feels… in...
Prime rib roast with one slice laid on a cutting.

How to Cook Perfect Fool-Proof Prime Rib

This is the best recipe for Fool-Proof Prime Rib roast that you’ll ever find. Making tender and juicy perfect prime rib in the oven is completely easy and doable. Just follow my step-by-step directions...
Spicy-Sweet Hawaiian Cheese Ball with Ginger Snaps

Spicy-Sweet Hawaiian Cheese Ball with Ginger Snaps

Nothing says “game day” like a spread of appetizers and snacks. This Spicy-Sweet Hawaiian Cheese Ball rounds out the sweet end of your game-plan with crushed pineapple and red bell pepper, but adds a...
Two apricot almond dessert bars stacked on on top of the other with a square of parchment paper in between, placed on a cooling rack.

Apricot Almond Bars

These Apricot Almond Bars are a favorite holiday treat that I’ve been making  for years now.  I love to include these little packages of heaven on my Christmas goodie trays for gift-giving each year. ...
A sweet potato mixture stuffed with a marshmallow and baked in a cream sauce.

Baked Sweet Potato Balls with Crunchy Cornflakes

My family went totally bonkers over these Marshmallow-Surprise Baked Sweet Potato Balls with Crunchy Cornflakes for Thanksgiving Dinner. This casserole is super fun and easy to make – always a hit. Please Note:  We...
Cranberry Walnut Dressing | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

Cranberry Walnut Dressing

This year, try a flavorful, herb-filled Cranberry Walnut Cornbread Dressing on for SIDE!
A close up photo of Churro Party Mix.

Easy Churro Party Mix

Here’s a fancy Chex mix recipe that makes any party or gathering fun. Definitely not your 1970’s Chex party mix recipe, this snack mix is a crunchy blend of salty and sweet. Easy Churro...