Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what type of events does Chef Alli speak?
    Chef Alli loves to speak at agricultural events, conferences, and cooking retreats, and for private functions.
  • What topics does Chef Alli cover?
    See Empower and Encourage, Cooking Fit 4 Life, and So God Made a Cattleman. Customized presentations are available, as well.
  • We have a theme for our event. Will Chef Alli customize a presentation for us?
    Chef Alli’s presentations are designed to give audiences what they want: inspiration, entertainment, and a call to action. As long as you allow Chef Alli ample time to prepare, she would be happy to work with any group who has a specific theme in mind for their audience. Please contact us so we can visit about this in detail.
  • Does Chef Alli accept speaking engagements on short notice?
    Possibly! If the date is open and Chef Alli’s schedule allows for it, then yes. In that case, any one of her prepared presentations would be available to be presented for your group.
  • What are Chef Alli’s fees?
    Chef Alli’s fees are set depending on travel time, amount of preparation, time away from her family, the time spent at the event, and her schedule load. Please contact us and Chef Alli will be glad to discuss her fees with you.
  • What other expenses are involved?
    Travel, lodging, and meals, plus the ingredients for cooking are needed for Chef Alli’s presentations. Hotel reservations are to be made by the client and billed to the client directly. Chef Alli will arrange for her own airline reservations. Chef Alli may request for a deposit to hold your event date. Chef Alli’s fee is due on-site, immediately following her presentation. Chef Alli typically shops for her own groceries and preps her own ingredients unless time doesn’t allow.  In that case, she will provide you with a detailed grocery list and the kitchen equipment list needed for her presentation.
  • How do we book Chef Alli?
    Please contact us with your event date, time and location. Our office will get back to you within 1-2 days. Once Chef Alli is booked for your event, you are welcome to download Chef Alli’s Event Planner Speaker Packet from her website. Chef Alli wants your event to be fun and successful; the information you submit to our office ensures that everything goes smoothly.
  • What else is required?
    Chef Alli is much more visible from a raised platform so that her audience can easily see and enjoy her culinary presentation and antics. Please have steps placed in the front or to the side, if possible. Chef Alli must have a wireless headset mic; she enjoys being able to move around freely so she can engage and interact personally with your group. If possible, it is very beneficial to project Chef Alli’s cooking presentation with a webcam onto a large screen so that your audience can easily see how/what she is preparing. Please contact us to discuss these details.