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Let's Get Cookin'In 2018, Chef Alli began a new venture that proved to be meaningful for both herself and hundreds of home cooks in Kansas! What began as a pilot program through a grant in Barton County, Kansas has turned into a full-fledged cooking class series designed to inspire home-cooks everywhere!

Let's Get Cookin ClassThe Goal:

Let’s Get Cookin’ is designed to help organizations strengthen their communities in a life-changing manner through a comprehensive program of cooking inspiration, education, and coaching throughout an entire year. Not only is the program designed for long-term impact, Chef Alli has made success even easier through handling everything from marketing to follow-up support.

Let's Get Cookin' Atchison ClassThe Experience:

Home-cooks register for a pre-determined series of on-site classes, Live-cast cooking classes, recipes, tip-sheets, giveaways, and more. All of this is presented through the friendly, family-oriented coaching of Chef Alli. Local sponsors provide support through advertising, flyer distribution, and event center logistics. Together, we can impact entire communities with healthy, family-focused cooking!

Download the Let’s Get Cookin’ Program Overview here, and contact us at [email protected] to get started!

Let’s Get Your Community Cookin’,
Chef Alli