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Chef Alli HeaderOver the years, the Chef Alli name has become more and more well-known around the state of Kansas and across the Midwest. Every now and then, Chef Alli even makes the local news! Here you’ll find past articles, interviews, and write-ups that have welcomed Chef Alli into thousands of homes across the country!


Holiday Cookin’ coming up November 8th | Leavenworth Times

Oct. 30th, 2018

[McConiga:] What are your favorite foods you make for Christmas? What’s the secret to becoming a top-notch cook?
[Chef Alli:] We always enjoy an orange and maple glazed ham every Christmas, as well as a prime rib, since my guys are big meat eaters…

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Beef Empire Days kicks of with Ag Women of Heartland ‘agvocacy’ event | The Garden City Telegram

June 2nd, 2017

Approximately 25 women with a vested interest in the beef community gathered at the 4-H building at the Finney County Fairgrounds to witness a presentation hosted by blogger and Kansan cattle rancher Debbie Lyons-Blythe and Kansan ranch mom and chef turned “kitchen crusader” Alli Winter…

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Beef Tour Gives Chefs and Up-Close Look | The Garden City Telegram

June 16th, 2017

Sharla Huseman [says of the Pasture to Plate Tour sponsored by the Kansas Beef Council that] this is the seventh time her group — with the assistance of groups, businesses and ranchers in the beef business — has led such tours. The tour started in Wichita and covered much of central and western Kansas…

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