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Chef Alli

Chef Alli

Chef Alli is a home-grown Kansas girl on a mission to strengthen families through enabling kitchen confidence, educating the family cook, and encouraging better food relationships. She believes with her whole heart that time spent with our loved ones and our overall quality of life is greatly enhanced by nutritious food made at home with simple, wholesome ingredients. She loves being able to connect and share this passion with others through her website, her social media presence, and her coveted speaking engagements.

Twisted Mexican Hot Tots layered into a skillet with queso.

Twisted Mexican Hot Tots

A Mexican-inspired appetizer made with seasoned, crunchy tater tots, layered with chili con queso cheese dip and chipotle sour cream in a cast iron skillet. Pure heaven! Please Note: We do use referral and...
Please tell me you're in the mood for a seriously yummy shredded beef sub sandwich! Then tell me you've either got an Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker) or a slow cooker and I'll be over the moon!

Instant Pot Lazy-Butt Beef Subs with Caramelized Onions and BBQ Mayo

Please tell me you’re in the mood for an easy Instant Pot Italian beef sub. Lazy-Butt Beef Subs with Caramelized Onions and BBQ Mayo are seriously delicious and so easy to make. The Classic...
A scoop of Fiesta Beef and Spaghetti.

Instant Pot Fiesta Beef and Spaghetti

Instant Pot Fiesta Beef and and Spaghetti – Ready in Just 3 Minutes. Creating south of the border flavor at home is easy when you serve up this speedy Instant Pot Fiesta Beef and...
skillet full of a ground beef and noodle casserole

Fiesta Ground Beef and Noodle Skillet

Fiesta Ground Beef and Noodle Skillet Creating a fiesta of flavor at home is easy when you serve up this yummy Mexican beef pasta skillet. Ground beef and spaghetti noodles come together in the zesty dish...
A piece of yellow cake with cranberries on a plate.

Cranberry Butter Cake with Warm Vanilla Sauce

I fell in love with this Cranberry Butter Cake with Warm Vanilla Sauce immediately! This rich and moist cranberry cake is out of this world and each time I serve it, my guests bombard...
Flour tortilla basket filled with beef and beans.

Crispy Burrito Baskets

Crispy Burrito Baskets Looking for a delicious spin on burritos? You’ve just arrived! These crispy bowls are easy to bake in the oven and you don’t even have to use a mold! Similar to...
3 layer chocolate brownies on a platter

Neapolitan Cheesecake Brownies

Neapolitan Cheesecake Brownies I’m always on the lookout for a rich and fudge-y chocolate brownie, and these Neapolitan Cheesecake Brownies are exactly that! Dark chocolate brownies (made from a box mix) are topped with...
sanchilada with enchilada sauce, cheese, and tortilla chips.

Beef and Cheese Mexican Sanchiladas

Beef and Cheese Mexican Sanchiladas You may be asking “What in the heck is a sanchilada??” It’s a tasty Mexican favorite that’s a cross between a sancho and a beef enchilada smothered in enchilada...
white plate with two servings of baby back ribs with bbq sauce

How to Make Easy Instant Pot Baby-Back Ribs

Looking for a fast and simple way to make fallin’-off-the-bone ribs? Grab your Instant Pot to make some saucy, sticky, and tender ribs in just 25 minutes of cooking time. Please Note: We do...
walking taco pull apart bread on a plate

Walking Taco Pull-Apart Bread

Walking Taco Pull-Apart Bread Get ready for a new appetizer that you simply won’t be able to stop eating. Walking Taco Pull-Apart Bread is THAT appetizer! Your family and friends will be obsessed with...