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Sausage, Egg, and Biscuit Casserole - the all-time favorite breakfast casserole recipe of my sons and husband, hands down!  This recipe came from a Cuisine at Home publication several years back and I'm dead serious when I say I've made this breakfast casserole hundreds of time for my guys over the years - they love, love, love it.  For some reason, I was initially tempted to skip the sage in this gravy recipe, but I'm so glad I didn't - talk about an ingredient that really makes a difference....don't skip the sage if you don't have to! 
Casserole freezer meals are often the best answer to the dinner dilemma. Because let’s face it, sometimes we just need dinner to be easy! Grab it. Pop it in the oven. And be done. That’s why frozen TV dinners became so popular! But if you are trying to avoid the frozen food fallout, then planned-ahead freezer meals should be on your weekend to-do list. And there’s no better place to start planning ahead than creating some delicious, homemade casseroles. #freezermeals #casseroles #kansaslivingmagazine
I had the privilege of doing an interview for Kansas Living Magazine on just this topic. It was exciting to answer some common questions that home cooks have when it comes to freezer meals. And it was also a treat to create three mouthwatering casseroles that the whole family will love. Read on for some helpful freezer casserole how-to’s and some of my favorite recipes.

Freezer Meals Casserole Style

A Q&A session on freezer casseroles
Kansas Living Magazine – 2018

Casserole Freezer Meals are your answer to a busy week. You can have home-cooked meals every night with just a little prep.

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Q: Can casseroles be frozen and baked later?

A: Absolutely! Most family-favorite casseroles make perfect freezer meals. While you’re knee-deep in the recipe, why not go ahead and make a double or triple batch? That way, you can have a casserole for dinner this evening and a couple more down the road. (My dad would say that’s working smarter, not harder.)

Q: Should I bake my casserole first and then freeze it?

A: I’d recommend doing it the opposite way — otherwise you’re just heating up leftovers instead of baking something fresh for dinner. Most casserole recipes work great when you prepare, freeze, thaw and then bake them right in the same dish or pan. Make sure you always thaw frozen casseroles in refrigeration, not on the counter, and when you bake your casserole, aim to get the center to measure at 160-165 degrees F. for a hot, safe temperature.

Perfect Tater Tot Casserole gets an upgrade with bacon, cheese, and more cheese!Q: What if I don’t want all my baking dishes tied up in the freezer?

A: When you’re ready to place your casserole ingredients into your baking dish, first place an oversized sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil into your dish, letting it overlap on all sides, followed by an oversized sheet of plastic wrap on top of the foil. Now place your casserole ingredients into your prepared and lined baking dish and pop it into the freezer. When the casserole is frozen solid, remove it from the freezer. Once it has set on the counter for a few minutes, you will be able to give the foil a gentle tug, lifting your casserole right out of your dish. Now, wrap your frozen casserole with the excess plastic wrap and then the foil. Take a second sheet of foil and use a marker to write the date, type of casserole and baking instructions on it before wrapping this sheet of foil around your frozen casserole and popping it back into the freezer.

Q: What’s the hardest part of frozen casseroles? (No pun intended!)

A: For me, it’s remembering to get them out of the freezer and into the fridge to thaw in plenty of time for dinner. A large, family-size casserole will take 24 to 36 hours to thaw properly in refrigeration, so if you come home from work and your casserole is still in the freezer, you’ll have to figure out something else for dinner.

Just like Grandma's! Whether you're looking for a use for leftover turkey or simply making something warm on a cold winter's night, this creamed chicken and biscuits casserole will do the trick. In more ways than one!Q: How do you remember to thaw out a casserole beforehand?

A: I’m a master at using my phone for reminders. The more annoying the alarm, the more I’m apt to follow through, too. I found that setting an alarm on my phone that repeated every Sunday morning before we left for church sent me right to the freezer to pull out one to two casseroles for the week. I was amazed at how doing this one, simple thing really helped me get my work week launched in a positive manner, both mentally and physically. Knowing that we have dinner ready to cook can really take the stress off.

Q: Now, what are some of your favorite casserole recipes?

A: That’s a tough one! I have so many that I love. The one that stands out, of course, is the classic breakfast casserole that is a must-have when guests are coming. For example, on the holidays! But my guys really love meaty, comfort-food casseroles. Meat, potatoes, cheese – if you have those three things in your casserole, they’ll be happy. That said, here are my top three make-ahead casserole freezer meals:

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Let’s Get You Cookin’ Casserole Freezer Meals!
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