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Chef Alli at Manhattan Meat Market

Over the last fifteen years, Chef Alli has become so much more than just a name, it’s become WHO I am! (Did you know my real name is Allison?) As this name and this humble business has grown, I’ve had the privilege of advocating for US Agriculture, I’ve been invited to educate and inspire cooks of all ages, and I’ve been blessed to promote some of the best organizations around- from hard-working local farmers to large corporations. It’s a privilege to be a trusted name in cooking, agriculture, and family across the Midwest, and such a high honor. 

Pressure Cooker Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

As Chef Alli grows, I look forward to partnering with more brands and businesses that share my vision for empowering home cooks everywhere with helpful tools, wholesome recipes, and a little farm-fresh fun.

To learn more about teaming up with Chef Alli as a Brand Ambassador, click here!

Click here for a list of brands that I have partnered with.

Let’s Get Your Brand Cookin,’
Chef Alli


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