3-Ingredient 4th of July Treats {Thrill’s Kettle Corn}

Thrill's Kettle Corn Cones and Cupcakes

Thrill’s Patriotic Kettle Corn adds a pop of fun and festive flair to this year’s 4th of July spread! With this 3-ingredient recipe, you (and your kids) can easily whip up red, white, and blue “cupcakes” or “cones” that everyone will enjoy.

3-Ingredient 4th of July Treats

You can see Chris is excited about his “Kettle Corn Cone!”

Award-winning Thrill’s Kettle Corn is produced right in Burlingame, KS- the Kettle Corn Capital of Kansas. Thanks to a tried-and-true recipe by From the Land of Kansas member, Jerry Hill, Thrill’s has been delighting Kansans for years. This year, Jerry and his wife opened up a restaurant in Burlingame called “Thrill’s Kettle Corn and Diner” featuring daily specials, a variety of flavors, and of course, their award-winning kettle corn. You’ll also see them defending their title at the Kansas State Fair and at Farmer’s Markets across the State! Visit From the Land of Kansas to find out where you can buy Thrill’s Gourmet Kettle Corn for the delicious recipe I’ve shared below.

3-Ingredient 4th of July Treats

Thrill’s won First, Second, AND Third place at the Kansas State Fair in 2017! I’d say that’s some pretty good Popping!

I had the privilege of visiting with Jerry and using his products in one of my favorite recipes: Festive Kettle Corn Cones and Cupcakes! Thrill’s variety of colors and flavors would make this recipe perfect for any occasion, but for this time of year I loved the red, white, and blue of their Patriotic Blend. Stirred gently with browned butter and marshmallows, these “Cones and Cupcakes” make a fun and festive centerpiece to any 4th of July Picnic. So grab some little helpers, pick up a bag of Thrill’s at your favorite retailer, and get the fireworks going!

3-Ingredient 4th of July Treats

RECIPE: Kettle Corn Cones and Cupcakes

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