Frightfully Fun Halloween Treats!

Frighteningly Fun Halloween Treats

Half the fun of Halloween is fixing up fun and festive treats with your kids. Some of my favorite recipes can be turned into spooky snacks with just a little creativity!

Spooky Pizza

Howlin' Chili Cheese PizzaIt’s so easy to make a Jack-o-lantern face on your favorite pizza! My boys loved this “Howlin’ Chili Cheese Pizza” with cheese cutouts for the face. You could also prepare individual pizzas and let them make their own pepperoni faces or cheese mummies!

Krazy Kettle Korn Kakes

These popcorn cakes or popcorn balls can be colored for any season. It’s so fun to whip out the Halloween frosting and plastic spiders for this spooky surprise, though!

Twisted Halloween Snack Mix

It’s really the popcorn and Oreos that give this Twisted Tasty Snack mix some Halloween flair… that and mixing it all up in a witch’s cauldron! Perfect for classroom parties!

Mummy Poppers

A pizza cutter makes slick work of this Mummy’s “wraps”. You can make a kid-friendly hot dog-wrapped mummy, or give it a grown-up kick with spicy jalapenos and cream cheese!

Frighteningly Fun Halloween Treats

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