Hillbilly Chili with Cinnamon Rolls!

Hillbilly Chili | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

Who doesn’t love chili that’s made in 3 minutes and tastes like you’ve simmered it all day? (Adding sugar at the end of the cooking time helps to cut the acidity of the tomatoes….in case you’re wondering.) If you’re from the Midwest you know that any kind of chili must be served with a side of warm, delicious cinnamon rolls! But if you’re NOT familiar with that trend, you really should give it a try with my Speedy Cinnamon Rolls. The combination will not disappoint!

Pressure Cooker Hillbilly Chili

Hillbilly Chili | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh KitchenOriginal recipe from my friend, Linda Stutesman, KC

1-2 Tbs. chili powder (I used 1 Tbs. ancho chili powder, but any kind is fine)
2 lbs. ground round or ground sirloin
1 yellow onion, diced
1-inch cylinder of spaghetti or angel hair pasta, broken into 1″ pieces
46 oz. can tomato juice
1 Tbs. granulated sugar

Hillbilly Chili | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

What do you need to bloom your chili powder? Just medium heat, a clean pot, and a spatula for stirring. Stir the chili powder until its fragrance hits you – that’s how you know it’s done!

In an Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC)  pot set on sauté setting, heat chili powder, stirring to keep it from scorching, 20-30 seconds, until very fragrant. (This technique is called “blooming” and really makes any spice much more potent!)
Add beef and onion to pot and sauté until beef is nicely browned; stir in spaghetti to coat it in the beef juices.

Hillbilly Chili | Chef Alli's Farm Fresh Kitchen

The dry spaghetti reminds me of straw when it’s added to the ground beef. This step really helps the pasta be more flavorful. My family adores chili made with pasta instead of beans. I want both! We usually top our chili with shredded cheese and sour cream.

Add tomato juice to EPC pot, then give chili a quick stir. Lock EPC lid into place; choose High Pressure setting for 3 minutes. When timer sounds, perform a quick release to remove all pressure from the EPC. Remove lid and give chili a stir, adding granulated sugar, then season chili to taste with salt and pepper and serve… with Cinnamon Rolls!

Let’s Get You Cookin’,
Chef Alli


**This recipe was featured as part of Chef Alli’s Farm Fresh Kitchen on WIBW 13 News, October 2017. Special thanks to the farmers and ranchers of the Kansas Farm Bureau for making this segment possible!

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