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Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is not just for women. It’s the perfect time for you to show your Man you care about him and his needs, too! You could do chocolates or dinner, but why not spice things up a bit? Why not try something new? After all… this is the guy you’re hopefully gonna spend the rest of your life with! It’s NEVER too late to build him up, love him up, and fire him up!

9 Ideas to WOO Your Man on Valentine’s Day AND EVERY DAY!


Not Just for Women1. Think Manly-

Driving ranges, shooting ranges, take him to a ballgame. Do guy stuff!

2. Sports Bars or Beer Market-

Pub crawl, beer market bash, Hooters! Make it all about him!

3. Food Pairings-

Beer and chocolate-covered bacon, Chocolate and Wine, you know! But the trick is feeding each other… this really pulls in the senses and gets you close!

4. Plan a Date Night-

The day of the date, show up at his work (or in the barn) to give him a little show-and-tell of the “first course”. Leave a note or card that informs him where to be, what time, and what NOT to wear!

5. Coupon Books-

These are great to cover a lot of his favorite bases. But then you actually have to do them when he wants! Think back-rubs, foot-massages, his favorite meal, OTHER (ahem) things!

6. Bright Red lipstick-

For love notes on the mirror! Use “code words” to hide your saucy thoughts from the kids, but let him know you’re thinking of him every time he looks in the mirror.

7. Flowers-

Buy him flowers, but don’t leave it at that! Attach a love note to each stem telling him something you appreciate or love specifically about him. BE SPECIFIC!

8. Send a Love Letter-

Send it to work and make sure that EVERYONE knows it is from you and full of love! Put kisses all over it. Write loves notes on it that even the mailman can see. Make it PINK! He’ll be miserable, but deep down inside he will know that you’re crazy… about HIM!

9. Home Spa-

You definitely need an off-site babysitter for this one! Start it out with a hot shower or bubble bath together, include a sensual pedicure, manicure, or massage, and don’t forget the lingerie!

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli

This post originally aired on Periscope ChefAlli@maketakebake in February 2016.

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