Two Words: DATE NIGHT!

Making Date Night a PriorityLet me start this post by saying something right up front:  Husbands like romance.  They do.  Sometimes they just don’t realize it.
Why am I telling you this?  Because you need to realize what happens when a man gets married.  He’s no longer just a MAN, he’s a HUSBAND.
When a man becomes a husband, everything in him shifts.  In his mind, he’s no longer in PURSUIT-mode.  He’s married, and therefore, in his heart and mind, he’s CONQUERED.
Once a man conquers, he must provide.  So this is where you really need to HEAR me.  When a Hubbins is in the PROVIDER box (remember, he’s a “waffle” so his brain is set up in compartments), he’s so focused on taking care of us, he often forgets all about ROMANCE.
That’s where we come in, and here’s 5 reasons why how a wife sets up date nite is sooooo important!:


    Talk to your Hubbins about date nite and what it means to you.  Let him know how important some time alone with just him is to you, on a regular basis.  Having a time to talk to our husbands is important for us as women because when we talk, we also get to process things in our heads.


    Explain to the Hubbins that date nite does NOT mean expensive restaurants and hotels and the like.  Date nite can be an eve in the tractor cab, a cup of coffee at McDonalds, or a two-step on the dance floor (yes, the kitchen!), compliments of George Straight.


    Once you get Hubbins to understand that date nite is imporant, make sure it’s a PRIORITY.  Meaning, you better not throw him over if a girlfriend calls or Mom wants you to go shopping.  You’ve got to SHOW him it’s important to you and stick with it.

  1. PLAN IT

    Do you go to the doctor or dentist on a whim?  I doubt it.  Nothing ever JUST HAPPENS.  This is why date nite has to be a planned priority.  It needs to be on the calendar just like our other scheduled appointments. And, as an added bonus in doing this, our kids will see it on the family calendar and see Mom and Dad making time for each other.


    Lastly, make sure that date night is FUN.  Remember when you used to date before you got married?  It’s ok to discuss things that need taken care of, but we’ve also got to make sure we build in some time for ENJOYMENT, as well.

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to go on a date with your husband. Start now! Keep it simple, have fun, make it an IMPORTANT part of your week! You and your Hubbins- your marriage- is the most important relationship in your home…not your relationship with your kids, not your relationship with your friends, not your relationship with your parents or coworkers or boss. Say it with me: YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR HUSBAND IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP IN YOUR HOME. So get out there and make that marriage AWESOME!

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