3 Tips to Kickoff Daily Prayer with Your Spouse!

Tips for Praying
This is a follow-up to my post “5 Reasons Why Praying With Your Husband 5 Minutes per Day Will Rock Your World“. Once you’re convinced you could use some prayer up in your marriage, here are some quick tips to get started:

1. Watch for his best time of day.

Knowing when your hubs has the most energy is a good thing to watch for, especially when you’re hoping to implement something new.  Is he a morning person?  Then try to grab a minute with him before he leaves for work.  Or, is he a night owl?  Ask for a minute together on the side of the bed before you crawl in.  There’s really no wrong or right time, just whenever you can squeeze it in, and to begin with, be happy with a few minutes whenever and wherever.  I discovered that BDP likes prayer together right before he leaves for a work because he feels like it starts his day off right. I’m a morning person, so I was thrilled with a morning time together.

2. But what if we don’t know what to say/pray?

Please don’t let that worry you. We didn’t exactly know what to say, either, when we first started out, so guess what we did?  We simply took turns reading this prayer (see below or click here for a printable version) and as crazy as this sounds, it allowed us the opportunity of just hearing our words out loud in front of each other.  Remember that if this feels awkward, it’s OK!!  Satan certainly doesn’t EVER want to see us on our knees in prayer TOGETHER, so of course he’s going to attack us.  Stand strong and keep working towards this one thing:  establishing a HABIT.  That’s ultimately what you’re working towards and God will help you get this established if you’re persistent and committed.

3. KISS: Keep it Simple and Short

Nothing is more discouraging than when we feel intimidated or overwhelmed.  Don’t make prayer time drudgery for your Hubs – make it easy, make it fun. Be thankful and make sure that thanksgiving includes your Hubs being there for a couple of minutes. Don’t let crazy, perfection-istic expectations shut you down. In the beginning, you are building a foundation to launch from – that’s it.  Longer prayer times will come later, but don’t put your focus on that now!
BDP and I had been married for over 20 years when we finally got on our knees together and began praying together…….outloud.  Yes, it was awkward and uncomfortable and I was scared to death. But more than almost anything else, I wanted to be fully and completely KNOWN by my husband and I knew that meant sharing my heart in prayer.  So if you’re feeling awkward and uncomfortable like I did, that’s a good sign.  It means you’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable, the thing that most of us fear more than anything else! When I was willing to take that risk, BDP began to share things  that I know without a doubt I would have NEVER have had the privilege of learning. It’s been so WORTH it and I encourage you to take the plunge – start with just a couple minutes a day and build, build, build your house – You can do this!
“Where two or more are gathered in My name, I am there with them.” – Matthew 18:20  

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli

Bless my husband.  Bless him as provider and protector.  Sustain him in all the pressures that come with the task of stewarding our family.  May his strength be my boast and pride, and may he so live that I may find in him the haven for which the heart of a woman truly belongs.
Bless me as a wife.  Give me a tenderness that makes me great, a deep sense of understanding, and a strong faith in You.  Give me that inner beauty of soul that never fades, the eternal youth that is found in holding fast to the things that never age.  May I so live that my husband may be pleased to reverence me in the shrine of his heart. 
Teach us that marriage is not living for each other.  It is two people uniting and joining hands to serve You.  Give us a great spiritual purpose in life.  May we minimize each other’s weaknesses and be swift to praise and magnify each other’s strengths so that we might view each other through a lover’s kind and patient eyes.  Give us a little something to forgive each day that our love might learn to be long-suffering. 
Bless us and develop our characters as we walk together with you.  Give us enough hurts to keep us humane, enough failures to keep our hands clenched tightly in Yours, and enough of the success to make us sure we walk with You throughout all of our lives.
May we travel together as friends and lovers, brother and sister, husband and wife, father and mother, and as servants of Christ until He shall return or until that day when one shall lay the other into the arms of God.  This we ask through Jesus Christ, the great lover of our souls.  Amen.                  ~~Author unknown.
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